Don Parkinson And The Return Of The Throat Eating Mutants From The Centre Of The Earth

New Zealand, 2010. 3:32 min.

Team: Michael Eyles and Thomas Cashen

Trailer Poster


Don Parkinson and the Return Of The Throat Eating Mutants From The Centre Of The Earth is based on a 1950’s b-grade horror/slasher movie trailer. It aims to authentically portray the original trailers whilst subtly playing on aspects that over time have become cheesy and overdone.


All our footage was filmed with a Canon HV20 HD, some on a tripod and some off. We attached an ECM MS957 Large Mic with a windsock for scenes that had dialogue. The voice over’s were recorded on an H2HandyRecorder.

Props included; a lightsaber, tinfoil, an old phone, spaghetti, chocolate sauce, cigars, a stethoscope, a fake moustache and a tobacco pipe.

Because we were trying to recreate a 1950’s style, equipment quality was not an issue. We turned the brightness down on the camera and filmed in lower lights to create an authentic grainy effect.

Some of the fonts that come across the screen were drawn by hand and some were existing fonts as some were edited in final cut and some in flash.

Music student, Dave Houston on garage band, did the score for the movie and Dr Mark McGuire, senior design lecturer, did the voice over. Both audio contributions turned out perfect and much kudos is owed to the two fine men involved.

The biggest production issue for us was finding actors. A few friends were willing to contribute their time towards the project, which was really helpful; also Mike (co-director) acted the main part, Don Parkinson. This was good as there were no communication problems, as he knew who the character was already. In a way Mike is Don Parkinson and vice-versa.

Behind the scenes

Whilst filming we kept up team moral with beers and what not. As they were contributing their time we thought they deserved some sort of compensation. Simon Gordon (Dr. Dirtstone) sustained some lacerations to his stomach in one of the scenes, in which invisible mutants attacked him.  Though he took it on the chin and finished the day filming.

Chelsea Rhyne (Suzy Suckudry) struggled to not to loose her self in her emotional character. Though luckily, she came out of the filming as stable as she was when she went in. the organizational process went very smoothly. Thanks to a well throughout timeline we didn’t have to worry about running out of time or double booking ourselves. The budget although helpful was in the end way over what we actually needed.

Co-director Mike spent many taxing hours in front of his computer editing footage to have the short film complete with time to spare. The overall good management of these contributing factors made for smooth, hassle free production of Don Parkinson And The Return Of The Throat Eating Mutants.

Don Parkinson

The Detective with rugged good looks is a mixture of Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford and James Stewart all bundled in to one. Don Parkinson has no family and his only duty is to save mankind from the unknown horrors from the unknown world.

Dr Dritstone

One of the worlds leading paranormal geologists, Dr Dirtstone is the pipe smoking man with all the answers. His scientific contraptions, the ‘geodiscotransunclokeinator’ in particular is the only thing on this planet that can sense the Invisible Throat Eating Mutants!

Suzy Suckudry

So beautiful she makes Don look like a mutant himself! The lover of the first victim she turns to Don for answers, what she finds may surprise even you. The looks stolen straight from Grace Kelly and the voice of twelve singing angles, she is the lace around the thigh of this movie.


In conclusion making a short film and contributing to ‘True Lies’ was really fun. Most of the work turned out to be in the organisation of planning, filming and compiling of the different components. As we had media coming from several different sources there was a lot of arranging meeting times to go over the work and communicate ideas. Though along with the filming made the process fun.


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