New Zealand, 2010. 3:45 min.

Team: George Stemmer and Jordan Zijlstra


A documentary on the life and dance of a gifted 20 year old young man young chasing his dream. Through his dancing and love for the ‘beats’, he pursues happiness through the expression of movement.


Skukky Productions 2010 presents in conjunction with George Stemmer and Jordan Zijlstra produce to you an original, yet one off film. Using High Definition cameras and Professional Final Cut Express state of the art software to bring this captivating character to the big screen. None of the footage has been sped up or edited in anyway. This is how it is for one Kiwi Boy on a journey through his own life and dance. A documentary that shows not only dance but a way of life and the struggles that go with it. Showing only raw talent!


Behind the scenes

Filmed in various locations throughout the southern capital Dunedin. Weeks of filming in urban areas including South Dunedin Truck Depot, Abandoned Railway Station, the ghetto area of Hyde St, The panoramic views from Signal Hill, The waterfront walkway at St. Clair beach, The gym at Unipol and a run down flat on Albany St. This gave the film more of a diverse setting in which to show the character in.

Filming was done on every friday with organising it on mondays and thursdays. This kept the filming team and main actor focused when it came to producing something worth the True Lies expectation. Alot of work was done on editing the film. During the first part of the film the viewer can see this with the amount of different shots taken and sequence changes in setting out the character and background.


There was alot of photos taken during the filming this helped with documentation of the film and was very enjoyable to do aswell. The photos gave more to add to the film and could be incorporated into the film as it was done during the final parts. These pictures were all taken on very different days during filming where the weather was really nice and sometimes overcast giving different tones to each.

What Did We Get Out Of This?

Looking back the film crew and production team had different views on how they wanted to create this film. It was decided that the film was to be serious and show the real hardships that this young boy had been through. Giving a captivating look at his home town – Dunedin through panoramic shots gave more to the film and his was of life. At the end of the film the crew came away with the feeling that they had created more than just a film, they had created a story expressing what this man had gone through.


Looking back at the production of this movie, F-R-E-S-H provided us both with not only a task to complete but an experience that was funny and gave us insight into what it takes to make a film. We hope you have a bangin’ time watchin’ this flick. From the Team. Keep it F-R-E-S-H


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