Event Animations

Team: Vomle & Jason

Keen to build on our recently acquired Flash animating skills from Desi 227, we set up a ‘creative duo’ creating short animated interludes as a subsidiary of the Events Team for the festival screening. In our initial proposal we looked at animations that we believed, if implemented effectively, would raise the standard of the festival. These included clips such as Michel Gagné’s “Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets” , Carmichael Lynch’s Flying Circus Films and David Schwen’s technical Marketplace.

Our initial concepts included:

  • A mysterious “hoax” creature traveling to the Film Festival, encountering other hoax/myths.
  • Animating words associated with “True Lies”, e.g. fabricate, false, deception
  • Creating funny scenarios with characters from the films

Looking at other film festival animations, we thought the use of a countdown intro sequence to each film would be a quick and effective way of introducing the films. An example of a 3-2-1 intro created for the movie ‘Deano’ can be seen here, we used the old video game Asteroids as a reference to the design lecturer’s archaic tendencies.

The ‘moon landing hoax’ theme was agreed upon (Aaron Blatt designed the logo and graphics) we came up with an animated screensaver that could be played during the event or whenever would be required. The idea involved using images of related props or references from each film and suspending them in space. For example, in the movie ‘Half Becca’ a furby doll was used as a central character so we found a furby image, ‘photoshopped it’, saved the image as a PNG transparency file and placed this into flash. The space background used in the animation was consistent with Aaron’s poster and ticket graphics in order to maintain consistency with the overall branding of the night. We felt there was certainly an opportunity to creatively link the films with the theme of the festival in a humorous and entertaining way without giving too much away about the films’ content.

Having completed two 90 second space animations, we were then asked to include our sponsors logos in the animation and ultimately found that about half of the logos were of low resolution. In order to ensure consistency with the treatment of our sponsors branding, some of the logos needed to be enhanced. However, we found that when converting the animations from Flash to Quicktime there was a significant reduction in quality for some of the animated images and logos to the extent that they would ultimately look unprofessional when projected onto a large screen. As a result, the decision was made to exclude the space animations altogether and to use a photographic slideshow relating to the filmmaking process of some of the films instead which was an effective ‘filler’.

Although disappointed with this outcome, we learned a lot from the experience – not only with formatting, uploading and rendering issues, but also effective communication of creative ideas. We hope next year that a creative animation team will be fully encouraged to pursue their ideas in conjunction with the overall branding of the festival so that next years festival will be even slicker. The films’ themselves were very entertaining, and the live singing interludes definitely added to the overall spectacle before and in between the films on the night. To view one of our animations click here.

To see a sponsor showreel idea, click here.


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