The Naked Truth


Documentary, New Zealand, 2007. 7’04 mins.
Rosa Grayson, Dan Hawke, Charlotte Mackenzie, Hamish McClurg, Sam Moore, Hayden Sherriff.


The movie focuses on Hash Brown, a local reporter, investigating a ‘serious’ problem within the local Dunedin community. This problem involves elderly individuals taking part in several incidents of ‘flashing’ members of the Dunedin public. These offensive acts of nudity are revealed to stem from the ongoing dispute between the university students who are constantly causing trouble, and the rest of the Dunedin public, especially the elderly generation.

They are getting infuriated with the constant lack of respect from the students towards the older residents, and have finally decided to take drastic measures to make their point loud and clear. Throughout the investigation we witness shocking footage captured by residents around the area, as well as on-site incidents caught unexpectedly by Hash and his team. After thorough investigation Hash and his team track down the mastermind behind this disturbing series of events, Ethel. They manage to get into her home where all is revealed…..

Hash Brown movie-summ-pic2.png


Age: 20 years old
From: Christchurch
Participation in The Naked Truth: Creepy golf instructor; cameraman; editor

Age: 21
From: Hawkes Bay
Participation in The Naked Truth: The famous Hash Brown (main reporter); editor

Age: 20
From: Hawkes Bay
Participation in The Naked Truth: Group mother; out of control streaking granny; production planning;

Age: 20
From: Hawkes Bay
Participation in The Naked Truth: Keeping the peace; the fat controller; music and sound

Age: 22
From: Gisborne
Participation in The Naked Truth: Pro surfer and skateboarder; production/filming, chief editor

Age: 20
From: Ashburton, Christchurch
Participation in The Naked Truth: Streaking grandma; production planning; golf club recoverer


Due to the nature of the film, the variety of scenes, and complexity of transitions and effects, the editing side of the movie was a very tedious procedure. The introduction scenes by Hash Brown needed to seem as though they were very smooth and concise, without looking as though an entire day was spent getting the shot. 15-20 takes were done for each of the interview and introduction scenes to get this perfect shot. This led to the issue of storage space as a whopping 8gb of memory was used up for just these pieces of the film. This meant that a variety of different storage methods had to be used including a number of different log-in names and various ipods.

The greatest issue faced with regards to the editing side of the film was the scene where Hash Brown is interviewing Ethel, the ‘master-mind’ behind the nudity problem. The problem when shooting this scene, was that it was inappropriate to ask Ethel the actual questions we wanted for the film (regarding the nudity and students behaviour etc), as she would have had no idea what we were talking about, and it was beyond any of us to try and convince her to act for the camera.

The solution to our problem was to ask a list of fake questions that we believed would provide us with some raw footage that we could play with and adjust using voice overs and scene cutting, to fit with the questions we were actually going to use accordingly. This would allow us to lead Ethel to say what we needed without offending her. This idea was far harder to pull of than expected, and large amount of time was spent on transitions and chopping and splicing scenes to create a smooth as possible, and hilarious interview.


Behind the scenes

(Funniest/Coolest things)…

¬The Golf Scene:
Whilst shooting the golf scene, Rosa released a $1000 golf club at the peak of her swing. The club landed at the very top of a high, spiky tree. Rosa then proceeded to climb the tree and ended up getting stuck halfway up. Charlotte stepped in to save Rosa and climbed to the very top, whilst dressed as a granny and wearing a giant pair of boy’s golf shoes. Once the club was recovered, Charlotte and Rosa faced the dilemma of getting down. When the decision was made to call the fire brigade, the two managed to fall out of the tree back to ground level.

behind-the-scenes-pic1.png behind-the-scenes-pic2.png

The Octagon:
Whilst shooting the streaking granny scene in the octagon, Rosa Grayson became a little too involved in the part she was playing. This resulted in a ‘streaking granny’ running around the octagon flashing everyone in sight. Unfortunately to Rosa’s horror the film crew were not actually filming any of these idiotic actions, and all it provided was pure amusement for the team. Further more, a creepy old man grew rather excited about the situation and decided to make numerous moves on Rosa, following her around extremely closely for the remainder of the scene.

Hash Brown:
Hash Brown was involved with a large number of scenes, all of which he displayed a variety of hilarious mannerisms which would lead to the entire production crew breaking down in laughter, and the need to re shoot the scene. One scene that deserves particular mention is that of the introduction in the octagon where the clock bell unexpectedly started to ring. Hash, in his general manner, turned an unfortunate series of events into something of pure comical genius.

behind-the-scenes-pic3.png behind-the-scenes-pic4.png

Overall, The Naked Truth reveals a range of characters and personalities within the film, and we had a huge amount of fun filming and creating the final product. We learnt a lot about filming techniques, editing techniques and working effectively within a team, which will no doubt be useful in the future.


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  1. Who is that amazing hunk HAYDEN in the green togs??? Can i please get his number some how ???

  2. But seriously, what is his number ??? Mine is [info scrambled] can you get him to call me, thanks heaps

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