Mega Memory 3000

Documentary, New Zealand, 2007, 4’04 mins.
Emma Wadworth, Amy Petrie, Juliet McEwan, Camilla Lau, Danielle Toogood.


MEGA MEMORY 3000 is the all-new natural memory pill that will change your life drastically. Do you have trouble recalling and remembering important information? Now there is an easy way to remember with Mega Memory 3000. You will always wake up knowing what happened to you last night, you will always know those answers in important tests and exams, and you will never forget where you parked your car ever again. Mega Memory 3000 will give you your confidence back, as there is nothing that this pill won’t make you remember!
Mega Memory 3000 is made from high quality, specially treated, genetically modified substances selected from the part of the Myosotis (forget me not) flower and the Carassius Auratus (goldfish). We took the DNA of the Carassius Auratus and combined it with the DNA of the Myosotis flower and let nature take its course activating the dormant part of the brain and developing the most revolutionary pill the world has ever seen.

Call 0800 MEGAMEMORY to get your batch today!


From left to right: Emma Wadworth, Amy Petrie, Juliet McEwan, Camilla Lau, Danielle Toogood

The Mega Memory 3000 film group consists of five 3rd year design students who also combine their studies with marketing. While doubts were had about this group, the work required was completed. As a result of this project we found that working together was actually a lot of fun, particularly while filming the entertaining scenes. This is something that we all feel is a very important factor while completing work. The five of us shared the jobs evenly and by doing this gained a real feeling for the whole production of the film, from developing the ideas to editing the final. The actors involved were good friends of ours and it was much appreciated for their time and effort as well as their helpful hints.

Behind the scenes

We hit our first problem when looking for a location to film the doctor scene in the movie, this turned out to be quite a difficult task as all the labs needed to be supervised while we were in there. We had a meeting with the head of department from the health science building to arrange times and how long we would be filming etc but on our way into the design building, we remembered about the lab on ground level. They let us take as long as we wanted to film, and didn’t seem worried about supervising us. Stoked. So we could finally begin filming. This also took longer than we first thought. There were a lot of takes and re-shoots, however the doctor scene was filmed all on the same day.

Our first voiceover, and a substantial amount of footage was lost when we could not retrieve the files from one of our login names, many hours were spent looking for it but all we could find were dead ends. We decided to re-record the voiceover and re-shoot the scenes. In a way, this was a good thing as they had initially had not been filmed using a tripod, and even though it was not too noticeable, once put together with the other footage, there was an obvious change. After all this, we finally found the originals but did not end up using it.

Production and Editing

At the beginning of editing final cut would not open on our computers. After about a week of it working, then not, then working, then not, we decided to try another program, so our final editing was done in iMovie, with the sound being extracted out and edited in Audacity. At one stage iMovie unexpectedly quit, deleting all our progress since our last save. Partly our fault for not saving earlier, but that is what we were doing when it quit. Good old iMovie. We overcame the problem by having a break from the design room for a while, and coming back refreshed and ready to do it all again…

We decided that starting the production and editing stage while still filming would be the smart thing to do, as then we would be able to get it all done in time. In the end this proved to work in our favor, as we had to re-shoot most of the footage, due to problems with noise and lighting or the fact that it just didn’t work out the way we wanted it too.

The film was based on the structure of a ‘real’ infomercial including a cheesy voice over, testimonials from real people, a “call now” spiel and health warnings. We gathered this general format and created a script and storyboard by watching the dreaded afternoon TV real informercials and YouTube fake informercials. In the end our story varied greatly from our script, as some of it was just too long and had to be cut out.

The final result is a shortened informercial (no repetition) promoting the ‘real’ product completed with some very nice background music and some some slightly awkward scenes for the actors to get amongst!




2 responses to “Mega Memory 3000

  1. Does this pill actually enable you to remember ‘everything’? (like… what about what your name is?… seriously I have a problem!)

  2. I purchased this product and found that the pills taste remarkably like the orange vitamin c tablets that I give my children. Is this just a coincidence or is the product you are selling one big LIE!?!? I want answers.

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