Festival 07

The True Lies Festival animation


“Best event I have been to in the Design Department!

The True Lies Festival event was held on Thursday the 27th of September 2007. The purpose of the event was to showcase and judge student’s short films from Design 322 and music creations from Garage Band Idol 2.0.

The areas that were intended to be planned and organised were separated in clusters of similar or related tasks, to ensure that there was efficient and effective information flow between group members. This ensured consistency between different aspects of the overall event.

Between two and four team members have been assigned to different task clusters depending on their skills and interests.



“That our design work was actually used and we got to see our own work displayed around University and town. The event itself was a huge success and was really well enjoyed by all!”

“I personally thought that the seating was very well laid out as well as the food at the event. I feel that this made not only the judges but also the film makers feel superior to the others”.

“The fun we had coming up with things to do with Pinocchio, the actual festival night, it was amazing and getting to know a bunch of great people and having a laugh even under the stresses of organizing”.

“The night was a huge success, heaps of people turned up and everyone seemed to be having a good time. The logo ended up looking really great and worked well with the posters”.

“The night was a great success I believe. I think the best part of the night was everyone who turned up and had a lot of fun. It was a memorable night to all who came”.

“Learnt heaps about the details involved with event planning”

“Best event I have been to in the Design Department!”

The Event

The festival was held on the 27th September 2007 at The Backstage in Dunedin. It was a festival showcasing short films that students from Interaction Design made. The event started off at 6pm. At the entrance we had two men dressed up as bodyguards. Each person that came through the door got a mug shot taken, which was to be played at half time. Nibbles and cheap drinks were ready for guests on arrival. The movies kicked off at 7pm where 7 films were played with a 10-minute break in the middle. After the movies were played there was a half an hour break so the judges could decide on the winners for the film awards. During the break we brought out hot nibbles and passed them around to all the tables. The mug shots that were taken on arrival of the guests were displayed on the screen during this time. After the break the judges announced who had won the ‘overall winner’ prize – which was the film ‘Party Pills’. Each member of the group won a trophy and certificate and the group won $200 of Captain Cook Dollars. There was also the peoples choice award, which was chosen by the crowd who cheered for their favourite movie. The film ‘1-18-08’ was the winner of the peoples choice award. Each member won a trophy and certificate.

The second part of the festival was Garageband Idol 2.0. It was kick off with a wonderful performance from Alex and Tomas. Then it showcased the entries from the Garageband Idol. There were 6 categories for the competition and 15 entries in total. Once all of the entries had been played there was another short break for the judges to decide in the winners for each of the categories and an overall winner. Within that short break the winning films were replayed for the audience. After the break the judges announced the winners of the 6 categories and the over all winner.

Overall Garageband Idol Winner: Close Encounters,
National Anthems: Pizza Napolitana, By Julio Brenze
Natural History Voiceover: I am Dunedin, By Tony Zwis
Soap Opera Themes: Jamaican Soap, By Dave Ferrera
Radio Station Jingles: Dog Nuts, By Del
Sports Anthem: Demolition Derby, By Numero No
Pop Flip-Flop: Not So Sexy, By Leyton

We would like to thank the following sponsors who helped make the night possible

The Backstage
Captain Cook Tavern
Radio One
Hydro Surf
Student IT
Design Studies Department

The night of the True Lies Festival was a huge success. There were over 200 guests, many of whom have given really positive feedback and there is even speculation of it becoming an annual event, held at The Backstage!

The Team


As co-ordinator of the True Lies Festival group I was in charge of arranging group meetings, emailing updates and reminders to the team on a regular basis and overseeing the project. I collated the group’s ideas and designed and developed the initial proposal, which was submitted at the beginning of the semester. I also designed the logo, which was used to create an identity for the True Lies Festival.

Additionally I was a part of the decorating team. I researched decoration themes and ideas, with the final theme being chosen as ‘mysterious’. I arranged for someone to come and be a secret agent at the door of Backstage, which created an element of professionalism and helped develop the theme further. I stamped the black True Lies Festival logo on white napkins, which were used on the tables at Backstage. I also designed the logo symbol, which I printed on transparent plastic and attached to red candles, which were also used as table decorations and to enhance the ambience of the night. I helped set up and decorate Backstage during the day of the event and helped out with tasks during the evening.

In addition I helped make the nametags for the team, created the stamps for the fabric paint to be printed on the uniforms, brought the t-shirts, researched screen printing options, helped out with the poster design and the cutting and distribution of advertising material, researched and made enquiries about trophy options including etching onto glass. I also ended up having to look after the money side of the event and record details of the budget and keep track of the costs and expenses.

Communication Team
Within the festival group I was assigned to the Communication team. Jess and I were in charge of designing a logo for the festival and we also worked on the posters and flyers. I helped out with the photo shoot for the poster and then they layout of the posters. The printing, trimming and distribution of posters and flyers came next and there were two lots of distributions. Once all of the graphic design jobs were finished, I helped out Kirsty and Jenna with getting sponsors and organising and collecting of prizes for the winners of True Lies and Garageband. On the day I helped with setting up decorations and finishing off little jobs that had to be done.

In the festival I was part of the communications team. Initially Amy and I worked together to create a festival logo, we had many different ideas however we found it hard to find one that fitted, with the input of Alex, Ralf and Mel a logo was created. As the festival went on I also was part of brainstorming for poster designs, got the stamp made, designed and distributed the tickets and invitations and helped prepare trophies. On the night I help set the venue up, took mug shots, manned the booth with Kathryn, worked the room and had a bloody good night.

Poster Designers
I was privileged to be apart of the great graphic design team. I was one of the three that shot the photo shoot for the image of the poster. I also helped Photoshop the image for the poster as well as helped design and print the poster. I was also apart of the team that trimmed the posters and flyers, which we then displayed a proportion of the posters and handed out flyers around University and OUSA. I also designed the ‘Top Secret’ folders and the marking sheets for the judges as well as the table names for the film teams. I also helped set up Backstage during the day and helped with the decorations in the evening before the event.

I was the photographer for the poster, helped with the layout and designing of the poster, helped with the layout and designing of the flyer and with the trimming, printing and distribution of the posters and flyers.

I helped develop, print and hand out the posters within my group. I dressed up as a secret agent on the night.

My original role in the True Lies Festival was part of the graphic design team, who was in charge of the posters. I created a couple of short fun animations that were played in youtube. Once the graphic design was set, I helped out in other planning areas and set up backstage and helped at the door on the night.

I contributed to the team by designing the certificates for the TLF and Garageband Idol 2.0 competition. I designed the certificate as simple as possible with limited images and texts. Black background was used to keep consistency with the overall theme of the Festival. White font was used for maximum contrast on black background. The certificates were printed on grey papers with adequate thickness. Lastly, it was put in black envelopes. On the night, I helped sell tickets at the door.

Kirsty, Gael and Jenna
We discussed various locations for the venue from an early stage and decided it needed to be central and have established facilities to enhance the success of the event. The Backstage on Bath Street holds 400 people, is located in the hub of the central business district, and has a good reputation for music and events. As I (Gael) know Darryl Horne, owner of the Backstage, I co-ordinated meetings with our group and kept Darryl up to date with our plans, either ringing or meeting him on various occasions. Darryl was helpful throughout the planning process, as he allowed us to open at 6 pm, and finish at 10 pm when he usually opens at 9 pm on a Thursday. We also benefited by having $3 pints all night when they usually start at 9 pm.

On the day of True Lies we set up the venue with tables for each group, a judges panel, and had Bill make a plinth for the projector. We also distributed food around the tables and displayed candles.

After many discussions on food, Ralf bought lollies, pretzels and black balls for the tables at the start of the night. We also bought popcorn that we packaged into brown paper bags, that was eaten when the movies started. The food was perfect for the occasion, as The Backstage seemed to turn into a living room with everyone eating popcorn and watching a movie surrounded by friends. Darryl supplied hot food for $200 that came out at 8 pm between True Lies and Garageband. We took the food around the tables, and helped remove the rubbish from the tables between the festival and the bands that played after.

I also sewed a suit for Pinnochio, organized the DJ to play between the Festival and Pint Night, judged the People’s Choice Awards and got filmed for Scarfie TV. Interesting. I spent a lot of time talking to our judges throughout the night to insure they enjoyed themselves, and the night was successful. Each of the judges was impressed with the quality of the films, and the atmosphere that our group created. Both Radio1 and The Backstage look forward to working with Design Studies again in the future. If I could make one suggestion for the future success of True Lies, it would be to keep the festival group to a maximum of eight people that are all enthusiastic and dedicated to the project.

Upon first learning that we needed to obtain sponsorship, we had a number of potential businesses and organisations that we were interested in having on board. Our initial point of action was to make contact with these businesses and organisations through both fact to face meetings and a follow up letter to reiterate the event that we were proposing.
Understanding how to ask for help on the event was part of the learning curve as we were unsure about how to blatantly ask for financial assistance or a donation of prizes. Each organisation that we approached that was keen to come on board was more inclined to donate items for prizes rather than give us financial assistance. This forced us to reconsider the amount of money that we were going to spend on the event. As our sponsors were not as willing to support the event financially we were compelled to rely wholly on the Design Studies Department. A major fault that we found was that we did not initially ask the department for major assistance and in the process managed to cause a bit of a headache for a number of people involved. However after the mix up we were able to obtain a great deal of support from the department. Our sponsors on the other hand were able to give us prizes for the winners of Garageband Idol. Some of the prizes included a $300 Student IT voucher, two $25 Student IT vouchers, a $25 Hydro Surf voucher and three Radio One hoodies. Our major sponsor was The Backstage Bar where the event was held. All of our sponsors have been instrumental in the overall outcome of the event.
When we approached the organisations for assistance we extended an invitation to them to be a part of the event. We asked Radio One, the Design Department, the Music Department and The Backstage Bar if anyone would be interested in judging the films and the Garageband. In total we had five judges from different areas of expertise and they were able to contribute with intelligent comments and judgments to the participants of the event. On the night Gael, Jenna and myself were responsible for taking care of the judges, this included keeping their drinks coming, offering them food and generally making sure they were having a good time. At the conclusion of the evening, we did a quick survey of what the judges thought of the night; overall, they were highly impressed with the quality of the films and the level of service that they received from the group. They all had no hesitation in making sure that we were aware that they would be keen to be involved in True Lies Festivals in the future.
Things that we would most certainly have to reevaluate would be when and where we received our financial support. This had potential to fall over but because of the quick thinking of one certain member of staff in the Design Department we were able to continue with our plans. Overall the event was a huge success and it would be hard pressed to find something about the night that could have been removed. It is certainly recommended to continue with this event in years to come.

Many varieties of ideas were tested for the position of the trophies. We came up with many options ranging from trophies that could be brought to things that could be made. Three original ideas included frosted glass trophies, light bulb trophies and clay or plastered creations that were individually hand made. The first two ideas were dismissed as they were not creative enough and did not fit the image of what we imagined them to be like. We trialed the third, with disappointing results as when they were baked to harden they cracked into pieces.

When out searching the shops for ideas we came across a $2 store in South Dunedin that was getting rid of all Christmas paper mache snowmen. We decided to purchase the items and give them a makeover. This started with cutting up thin pieces of wood and sanding them down to form the noses, these were glues into holes that were drilled in their faces. We then painted each one with a primer to form a smooth base that could be spray-painted. When each had dried they were coated with two layers of gold spray-paint to a glossy metallic finish. The True Lies logo was then printed on to clear plastic and glued to the back of each trophy, with the name of the prize also.

I took charge of the technical aspects of the evening, setting up the projector, screens and audio for the evening, compressed the movies into .h264 format and prepared the keynote and iTunes programs as well as manning the audio and visual desk on the night. I also created the flash animation to the True Lies Festival and put audio effects to it. I also put audio effects to the Garage Band Idol 2.0 Animation as well. Leading up to the event i cut several A5 Flyers and A3 Posters and distributed them throughout the Link, DEMU Lab, Music department and other locations.

I researched various decoration ideas to have for the evening, the final theme was to be mysterious. I also looked after a few of the decorations throughout the night, the smoke machine at the entrance of backstage, was hired from strawberry sound. Glow sticks and lasers were used to create an interesting and mysterious vibe to the venue. The caution tape was displayed and wrapped round various posts and locations within the venue.

Each film was dropped into Ralf’s drop box in various forms and formats from the different film projects. The films were compressed and formated into one consistent format, H264, with a High Quality compression and a dimension of 720×576.
Sound quality 48.000kHz, sample size 16-bit Channels: Stereo(L R)

The films had to be projected with minimal interruptions and have a seamless flow about them. The Keynote application was perfect for this use because each film also needed a intermediate slide with the name of the project and the persons involved. Each movie was linked to the keynote to free up as much processing speed as possible allowing the movie to stream effortlessly. The combination of slides and movies allowed for a seamless flow throughout the evening.

Each movie had a different audio level and needed to be adjusted according to the film. The fader on the mixing desk was tweaked to adjust the volume throughout the night. If different parts were quiet the volumn would be increased and if it was too loud the volume would be decreased etc.

The Garage Band Idol 2.0 contest was relatively easy due to the songs already being in a MP3 or AIFF format, which meant they could be easily played within iTunes. The audio of the songs were also adjusted according to the quality and volume of the song. An improvement with the audio could have been made with equalizing the room, this would have improved both the movies and the song quality.

At an early stage, I managed the TFL blog and I also contributed ideas for decorations and themes for the event on 27th Sep. At the later stage, I helped promote TLF by putting up flyers, in commerce, and some of the halls of residents. I designed (with Mel’s correction) the name tags that everyone in TLF wore on the night. For the event, I helped set up by putting cables in place and other preparations. During the night, I took photos when people came in, and stamped their hands as well as controlling the projectors. After the event, I helped pack the equipments away before leaving Backstage. At the end, updating the blog for the team.


Backstage was selected as the venue for the festival. This venue was chosen for a number of different reasons. Firstly it is centrally located in the Dunedin CBD and has the ability to hold 400 people, which was double the capacity needed for our estimated 200 guests. The layout of the bar was well suited to the event, with a stage, seating area, electrical equipment (lighting, speakers) and area to hang two projection screens. It was available for the night
of Thursday the 27th of September and coincides with three dollar pint night, which is an additional bonus, reducing costs allocated to subsidising drinks. Pint Night started at 10pm instead of the usual 9pm. The owner Darryl Horne of Backstage offered the use of the venue for no charge, which was very much appreciated.


Target Audience
Advertising will be aimed at a target audience consisting of design studies staff and students, music department students, contestants of Garage Band Idol and friends and family of entrants.

Advertising Media
Event details were predominantly promoted through posters, flyers. There was also continual updates of information on the Truelies Festival blog site where people went to check details and contestants and film makers could add updates on their progress.

Communication Outcome

We decided to use Pinocchio to create a narrative for the communication of the event in which reinforced the theme of True Lies. This was achieved through photography where we created a situation that is not feasibly possible; basically we just wanted to take the Mickey!

We distributed our promotional material around the University Campus in the form of posters and flyers. Posters were also distributed around the streets of Dunedin and the event itself, curtsy of Backstage.

Initially we were to have a trailer poster that was minimal in its information to make people want more. However due to unforseen circumstances this plan did not come into play. The campaign was therefore launched at the beginning of September, 3 weeks prior to the event. This generated awareness and to created curiosity. Also a week before the event we released another circulation of posters and flyers to reinforce peoples knowledge of the event.

The tickets were designed to fit with the theme of Pinocchio and carry on the narrative of the posters. Initially 105 were put on sale at OUSA and the Design Studies Office on the 12th of September for $5. More were then printed for door sales on the night of the event. Overall 104 tickets were sold.

We also self promoted the event through word of mouth, informing others of the event and encouraging them to attend.

We feel our communications were effective due to the number of enthusiastic people that took the time to come along.


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